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Square dancing is a beautiful event. There is just as much visual stimulation as there is auditory. The music combines with the frilly dresses and shiny boots to create a magical atmosphere.

Since square dancing is such a visually appealing sport, we thought it fitting to pay homage by way of photographs. Let’s take a look at some of the best captured square dancing images.

square dancing 1

This image was taken at the Seattle City Light Employees Association square dance in 1950. We love the originality of the outfits and the dedication to proper attire. We also appreciate the participation!

square dancing 2

While not as formal, square dancing in the street is always good fun in our book. Impromptu dancing isn’t easy; therefore, we applaud their effort. Also, square dancing in public helps raise awareness for our cause. By showing how much fun we can have, we encourage others to consider joining us!

square dancing 3

This group had the pleasure of dancing in a beautiful, creativity-inspiring venue. An old barn is the perfect location for a square dance–especially a large one. While some dancers showed respect for the traditional garb, others failed to join the spirit of the dance.

square dancing 4

Again, another square dance on the street. However, this one was more formal. Why did we include an image of the dancers’ feet? We didn’t; we included an image of the dancers’ shadow! What grace and fluid movement they have. The shadow alone is what drew us to this photograph. While boots would have made this couple more authentic, we love the frilly dress!

square dancing 6

Of course, we can’t make a reference to unusual and captivating square dance images without including square dancing tractors! A favorite at many state fairs, we love the creativity of the event!

square dancing 5

We saved the best photo for last. Again, dancing outdoors helps draw attention to the noble art of square dancing. While there is something to be said for dancing in a barn or other rustic setting, letting outsiders join the fun in a public venue is great too. We love the traditional attire and the varying generations that are represented here.

These are just a few of our favorite square dancing images. Check back regularly for more inspirational shots!


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